About Our Founder

Formerly StoneHill Capital, Inc., Mr. Burns established Savient Financial, Inc., to focus more on real estate and project financing opportunities. In 1989, his focus was on “Asset Management,” now called, Loss Mitigation. In 1992 Mr. Burns learned the art of Land Swapping, which is a technique that allows a Broker/Negotiator to contact a U.S. Naval Base, and negotiate the swapping o f military owned land with an investor, or client’s land of equal or more value.

By 1996 Mr. Burns began selling luxury homes, gold mines, and land on top of oil wells. He teamed up with the prestigious, Hatch Consulting, to deliver accurate geology reports to his investment clients. During this same year, Mr. Burns pulled a number of global investors together as a team for global project financing, along with film and entertainment financing.

In 2008 Mr. Burns relocated to Geneva, Switzerland where he worked as a financial liaison for a number of real estate projects that are being developed in South Africa, South Korea, and Morocco.

Mr. Burns has earned five degrees including, Real Estate, Real Estate Accounting, Finance, Economics, and an MBA from Pepperdine University, Malibu (with emphasis on Corporate Leadership). Real Estate has been his passion for over 25 years. Mr. Burns offers a unique service that incorporates knowledge on a number of subjects relating to finance, economics, lifestyle, global cultures, and project finance consulting. He and his hand-selected team are here to serve you with your Real Estate and/or Project Financing needs.

Darrell Burns
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